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  • At Princes Landing-Stage, a small tug in the service of the Great Eastern
  • He had told me as much of his past life as he wished me to know; his life
  • I went on board and found it already crowded with workmen and mechanics
  • She is capable of receiving 10,000 passengers, so that out of the 373 principal
  • This day the chief engineer tried the boilers
  • The steamers course had been slightly altered in the night
  • The sea was magnificent and resplendent beneath the first rays of a spring
  • Towards five oclock a small steamer, intended as a shore-boat for the Great
  • At two oclock the fog grew dense again, the wind fell and rose at the same
  • The execution could not fail to be worthy of the work
  • But my imagination carried me no farther; all these things I did indeed
  • Stretching on either side were two wide streets, or rather boulevards
  • Hatch, was an orator of no mean power
  • Beside the Great Eastern, these three-mast ships looked like barges; their
  • Two out of six boilers were removed, and one chimney out of three belonging
  • Only at night, perhaps eluding her gaoler, she came out to bathe herself
  • The first officer, well wrapped in his macintosh, and perched on the bridge
  • I returned by the boulevards on the starboard side, avoiding contact with
  • The fact is, these divisions are reckoned from noon to noon
  • First of all the anchor had to be raised
  • The water from the skies and sea mingled in a dense fog
  • He easily collected ninety-six players, including several professed gamblers
  • I went towards the fore-part of the vessel, the staircase had not yet been
  • In order to raise the anchors it was only necessary to send the steam from
  • I then made up my mind to visit all the ins and outs of this immense ant-hill
  • On leaving the station, I went to the Adelphi Hotel
  • And now for the first time the Great Eastern was to be steered by steam
  • However, the steamer had not yet sunk to the load water-line
  • Involuntarily one looked for the village steeple which was calling to prayer
  • The tender had disembarked her crew; I stepped on to the fluted iron steps
  • The fore-masts and the main-masts carry the schooner-sails, the top-sails
  • It was an inconvenient position for the wheels, for the paddles not being
  • The Great Eastern was announced to sail on the 20th of March
  • Immediately the valves open, the steam from the boilers rushes along the
  • Thanks to this natural condition, the streams of the Thames and the Mersey
  • If the Great Eastern is not merely a nautical engine, but rather a microcosm