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  • The steamers course had been slightly altered in the night
  • Everything was finished by evening; not a trace of mud was visible on the
  • First of all, during the service, although the weather was fine
  • Captain Anderson assuming the office of pastor on board, in the midst of
  • Only at night, perhaps eluding her gaoler, she came out to bathe herself
  • One of the surgeons on board embarked to go with them to Liverpool
  • Would not the good Yorrick have done the same? I looked at Dean Pitferge;
  • Before entering upon the last undertaking, the Board of Trade required
  • At the bows was an engine of sixty-six horse-power
  • In order to raise the anchors it was only necessary to send the steam from
  • His sermon was already prepared, the occasion was good, and he intended
  • During this last day, however, little by little the gangways were cleared
  • I should not have been surprised to see the stokers working in black clothes;
  • In order to modify it, he has only to press his hand lightly on a small
  • All these good people seemed to have hats and boots of a dazzling brightness
  • For five days operations continued with distracting activity
  • About noon Captain Anderson ordered sail to be hoisted, so that the ship
  • Before lunch several of the passengers organized a pool, which could not
  • These wagers, amounting to several hundred dollars, he lost every one;
  • Friends exchanged quiet greetings; every one held a Prayer-book in his
  • Stretching on either side were two wide streets, or rather boulevards
  • The gate-keepers allowed me to go on to Princes Landing-Stage
  • These well-regulated signals are given by means of a bell
  • The announcement of the conference was received very favourably by the
  • At the same time we had reason to hope that these two poor creatures would
  • The arrangements with regard to the interior are admirable
  • Immediately the valves open, the steam from the boilers rushes along the
  • Freed from their broken rope-bands, the capstan-bars flew in all directions
  • Had this steam-ship been abandoned by her crew? This was now the prevailing
  • For the benefit of those partial to comparisons, I will add that it is