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  • I could hardly see the tops of the masts, two hundred feet in height
  • The announcement of the conference was received very favourably by the
  • One might have thought oneself in the worst part of Upper Thames Street
  • My friend Dean Pitferge was near him, his quick little eyes running over
  • A profound silence reigned among the congregation; the officers occupied
  • He had told me as much of his past life as he wished me to know; his life
  • The steamers course had been slightly altered in the night
  • This steam-ship is indeed a masterpiece of naval construction; more than
  • He was a thin, nervous little man, with quick, restless eyes: a physiognomist
  • The laundries and the crews berths are shut off at the fore-part
  • First of all, during the service, although the weather was fine
  • What did he see in this liquid mirror, which gave scope to the most capricious
  • The steersman standing on the bridge between the signal apparatus of the
  • At ten oclock a three-mast ship was hailed, sailing astern of us
  • He was more master of his ship and more certain of guiding her skilfully
  • The officer on watch, clinging to the bridge, looked as if he was in a
  • The Great Eastern drew nearer, and, passing round, gave notice of her presence
  • The Great Eastern swung round with the tide; all was now clear
  • Each player stakes one dollar, and draws one of the half or quarter hours:
  • At this moment numerous groups appeared at the doors of the cabins
  • The three masts in front are the fore-gigger and the foremast (both of
  • Her steel hull was so heavy that the davits to which it was attached bent
  • All these good people seemed to have hats and boots of a dazzling brightness
  • Her movable engine was first hoisted on board by means of windlasses
  • And now for the first time the Great Eastern was to be steered by steam
  • The Great Eastern was announced to sail on the 20th of March
  • Scarcely had we started, when I saw on the quay a tall young man
  • However, the steamer had not yet sunk to the load water-line
  • Involuntarily one looked for the village steeple which was calling to prayer
  • The muddy waters of the Mersey were lashed into foam by the slowly revolving
  • An anchor-boat, intended for this purpose, had just stoppered on the chains
  • These wagers, amounting to several hundred dollars, he lost every one;
  • After having cast a rapid glance over these fitting works
  • The atmosphere was grey, and birds flew screeching through the damp mists
  • It is an immense depression of the land filled with water