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  • After having left the Doctor, I spent the rest of the day with Fabian;
  • And now for the first time the Great Eastern was to be steered by steam
  • I left my cabin, and helping myself with hands and feet through the billows
  • One would have taken her for a small island, hardly discernible in the
  • From Dublin they are conveyed across the channel to Holyhead by a fast
  • I went on board and found it already crowded with workmen and mechanics
  • The gate-keepers allowed me to go on to Princes Landing-Stage
  • Beside the Great Eastern, these three-mast ships looked like barges; their
  • The Captains eyes glowed with a dark fire at the thought of this wretch
  • But special arrangements were necessary for storing away the cable in the
  • The muddy waters of the Mersey were lashed into foam by the slowly revolving
  • Each player stakes one dollar, and draws one of the half or quarter hours:
  • As the clock in Victoria Tower struck seven, the tender left her moorings
  • It is an immense depression of the land filled with water
  • Two out of six boilers were removed, and one chimney out of three belonging
  • I pictured to myself this enormous bulk borne on the waves
  • Hatch, was an orator of no mean power
  • Ten thousand tons of iron were used in the construction of this hull
  • One might have thought oneself in the worst part of Upper Thames Street
  • The engine-rooms were full of steam; leaning over the hatchway
  • The execution could not fail to be worthy of the work
  • Seen from the side, these wheels looked narrow and contracted
  • I did not understand at first for what it was intended, but it appeared
  • There alone, and leaning over the taffrail, we surveyed the great expanse
  • I saw also piles of Bibles, which were to be distributed in the church
  • The Great Eastern draws 30 feet of water with a cargo of 28,500 tons
  • Friends exchanged quiet greetings; every one held a Prayer-book in his
  • If this plan succeeds, a man will be able to direct the gigantic body
  • The first officer, well wrapped in his macintosh, and perched on the bridge
  • The Great Eastern swung round with the tide; all was now clear
  • After each verse the congregation murmured the one following; the shrill
  • It is here that all ships bound for Liverpool, whether steamers or sailing-ships
  • At ten oclock a three-mast ship was hailed, sailing astern of us
  • of Liverpool, the first to the amount of 538,750 francs
  • I was going to reply to this wise observation, when there was a loud cry