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  • The tender immediately sheered off, and the sailors went to the lows
  • They cause accidents which it is impossible to avoid, and a collision at
  • There was no heaving to speak of, but the rolling was dreadful
  • In order to modify it, he has only to press his hand lightly on a small
  • At last I reached the stern of the steam-ship, and the place I had already
  • During Monday night the sea was very stormy
  • The announcement of the conference was received very favourably by the
  • The officer on watch, clinging to the bridge, looked as if he was in a
  • My friend Dean Pitferge was near him, his quick little eyes running over
  • The fore-masts and the main-masts carry the schooner-sails, the top-sails
  • A profound silence reigned among the congregation; the officers occupied
  • Numbers of the faithful were already in their places
  • And now for the first time the Great Eastern was to be steered by steam
  • The tender had disembarked her crew; I stepped on to the fluted iron steps
  • Ten thousand tons of iron were used in the construction of this hull
  • If this plan succeeds, a man will be able to direct the gigantic body
  • It was a three-mast ship of about five or six hundred tons
  • This Biblical dialogue lasted for about half-an-hour, and the simple
  • The engine-rooms were full of steam; leaning over the hatchway
  • These wagers, amounting to several hundred dollars, he lost every one;
  • One of the surgeons on board embarked to go with them to Liverpool
  • Thus, in the midst of the fog, officers and sailors were obliged to keep
  • A few of the more fearless stretched themselves on the sofas
  • But my imagination carried me no farther; all these things I did indeed
  • The 25th still saw the deck strewn with all kinds of tools
  • There was a full cargo; provisions, goods, and coal filled the stewards
  • At the base they measure 43 inches in diameter, and the largest (the main-mast)
  • The arrangements with regard to the interior are admirable
  • These delays considerably affected the enterprize of the freighters
  • Captain Anderson assuming the office of pastor on board, in the midst of
  • I walked on, following the upper decks towards the stern
  • The Great Eastern struck amidships, and, supported by no sail, rolled frightfully
  • It was for this delicate operation that the engineers intended the engine
  • One would have taken her for a small island, hardly discernible in the