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  • When I went on deck, about seven oclock in the morning, the wind had freshened
  • After the long separation which had estranged us from each other
  • I thought I recognized in him a friend whom I had not seen for several
  • The thickness of the fog was so intense that the officers on the bridge
  • The three masts in front are the fore-gigger and the foremast (both of
  • On the spacious mastheads of the second and third masts a band of soldiers
  • Two out of six boilers were removed, and one chimney out of three belonging
  • The laundries and the crews berths are shut off at the fore-part
  • The officer on watch had ordered the sails to be taken in
  • A catch had broken, and the capstan being forced round by the frightful
  • Numerous vessels, brigs and schooners, were awaiting the tide; steamers
  • From Dublin they are conveyed across the channel to Holyhead by a fast
  • He had told me as much of his past life as he wished me to know; his life
  • One might have thought oneself in the worst part of Upper Thames Street
  • Here between the last small deck cabin and the enormous gratings of the
  • The crew had undoubtedly had time to leave her, but could they have reached
  • I left my cabin, and helping myself with hands and feet through the billows
  • The sea between us and the coast was of a dull green shade; there was a
  • I went towards the fore-part of the vessel, the staircase had not yet been
  • Scarcely had we started, when I saw on the quay a tall young man
  • These wagers, amounting to several hundred dollars, he lost every one;
  • First of all the anchor had to be raised
  • The first officer, well wrapped in his macintosh, and perched on the bridge
  • Towards five oclock a small steamer, intended as a shore-boat for the Great
  • The Great Eastern swung round with the tide; all was now clear
  • I should not have been surprised to see the stokers working in black clothes;
  • About fifty workmen were scattered on the metallic skylights
  • The steersman standing on the bridge between the signal apparatus of the
  • After each verse the congregation murmured the one following; the shrill
  • At ten oclock the bell on deck tolled slowly and at regular intervals;
  • Friends exchanged quiet greetings; every one held a Prayer-book in his
  • This Biblical dialogue lasted for about half-an-hour, and the simple
  • When a ship arrives at the land-falls every one knows that a pilot comes
  • Thanks to this natural condition, the streams of the Thames and the Mersey