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  • Soon we came in sight of Queenstown, a small calling-place
  • An anchor-boat, intended for this purpose, had just stoppered on the chains
  • It was the reverend gentleman of whom I have before spoken a little
  • Before entering upon the last undertaking, the Board of Trade required
  • After each verse the congregation murmured the one following; the shrill
  • At the base they measure 43 inches in diameter, and the largest (the main-mast)
  • I pictured to myself this enormous bulk borne on the waves
  • In order to modify it, he has only to press his hand lightly on a small
  • Thus the reason for rearranging the ship to this purpose
  • But my imagination carried me no farther; all these things I did indeed
  • Fabian was looking at the magic of the waves without speaking
  • There was no heaving to speak of, but the rolling was dreadful
  • I went towards the fore-part of the vessel, the staircase had not yet been
  • The Great Eastern swung round with the tide; all was now clear
  • The tender had disembarked her crew; I stepped on to the fluted iron steps
  • My friend Dean Pitferge was near him, his quick little eyes running over
  • Hatch, was an orator of no mean power
  • There was a full cargo; provisions, goods, and coal filled the stewards
  • The fore-masts and the main-masts carry the schooner-sails, the top-sails
  • The result of this pool was not to be known for four days; it was what
  • I will venture to say he was there more out of curiosity than anything
  • The first officer, well wrapped in his macintosh, and perched on the bridge
  • The muddy waters of the Mersey were lashed into foam by the slowly revolving
  • It was a three-mast ship of about five or six hundred tons
  • One ring signifies ship a-head; two, ship-starboard; three
  • Her movable engine was first hoisted on board by means of windlasses
  • The Great Eastern turned in time to avoid her, thanks to the promptitude
  • Stretching on either side were two wide streets, or rather boulevards
  • Portmanteaus and bags came in and out of my cabin; an unusual hubbub reigned
  • I could hardly see the tops of the masts, two hundred feet in height
  • His sermon was already prepared, the occasion was good, and he intended