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  • There was a full cargo; provisions, goods, and coal filled the stewards
  • I went towards the fore-part of the vessel, the staircase had not yet been
  • This steam-ship is indeed a masterpiece of naval construction; more than
  • His sermon was already prepared, the occasion was good, and he intended
  • At the same time we had reason to hope that these two poor creatures would
  • I heard the irregular roaring of the screw, and the wheels beating the
  • When I went on deck, about seven oclock in the morning, the wind had freshened
  • Meanwhile the tender approached the Great Eastern, whose chains were violently
  • I should not have been surprised to see the stokers working in black clothes;
  • At Princes Landing-Stage, a small tug in the service of the Great Eastern
  • The execution could not fail to be worthy of the work
  • A few of the more fearless stretched themselves on the sofas
  • As the clock in Victoria Tower struck seven, the tender left her moorings
  • The spectators hurried towards the unfortunate men, the wounded were taken
  • After having cast a rapid glance over these fitting works
  • My friend Dean Pitferge was near him, his quick little eyes running over
  • Here opened the pit containing the machinery of the paddle-wheels
  • It was a Canadian, the Honourable MacAlpine, who undertook the management
  • I went on board and found it already crowded with workmen and mechanics
  • From Dublin they are conveyed across the channel to Holyhead by a fast
  • This costly operation accomplished, a long crack in her exterior plates
  • There was a piercing wind, and about ten oclock the deck was powdered by
  • We had no doubt as to the identity of the young woman; it was Ellen
  • I could hardly see the tops of the masts, two hundred feet in height
  • After having passed the great hatchway of the engine-rooms
  • The slate-coloured sea broke in great foamless billows
  • A catch had broken, and the capstan being forced round by the frightful
  • The tender immediately sheered off, and the sailors went to the lows