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  • The water from the skies and sea mingled in a dense fog
  • Therefore, to the great regret of the sailors, it had to be abandoned
  • A few of the more fearless stretched themselves on the sofas
  • At the bows was an engine of sixty-six horse-power
  • There was no longer any doubt of icebergs being very near
  • Towards five oclock a small steamer, intended as a shore-boat for the Great
  • They cause accidents which it is impossible to avoid, and a collision at
  • We had no doubt as to the identity of the young woman; it was Ellen
  • This tall fellow was the exact type of an English officer; his figure was
  • For the benefit of those partial to comparisons, I will add that it is
  • The last three astern are the after-main-mast, mizen-mast
  • These delays considerably affected the enterprize of the freighters
  • She alone could store on board the 2100 miles of metallic wire weighing
  • The hull of the Great Eastern is proof against the most formidable seas;
  • Then, after having crossed a small triangular space at the bows
  • Seen from the side, these wheels looked narrow and contracted
  • At last I reached the stern of the steam-ship, and the place I had already
  • At six oclock next morning, after passing a sleepless night
  • I pictured to myself this enormous bulk borne on the waves
  • I will venture to say he was there more out of curiosity than anything
  • The fore-masts and the main-masts carry the schooner-sails, the top-sails
  • The steersman standing on the bridge between the signal apparatus of the
  • During Monday night the sea was very stormy
  • Had this steam-ship been abandoned by her crew? This was now the prevailing
  • Before lunch several of the passengers organized a pool, which could not