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  • First of all, during the service, although the weather was fine
  • I, following the general example, staked my dollar, and fate allotted me
  • After having cast a rapid glance over these fitting works
  • There alone, and leaning over the taffrail, we surveyed the great expanse
  • First of all the anchor had to be raised
  • I heard the irregular roaring of the screw, and the wheels beating the
  • I walked on, following the upper decks towards the stern
  • When a ship arrives at the land-falls every one knows that a pilot comes
  • The water from the skies and sea mingled in a dense fog
  • He easily collected ninety-six players, including several professed gamblers
  • I saw also piles of Bibles, which were to be distributed in the church
  • If this plan succeeds, a man will be able to direct the gigantic body
  • No land in sight; we had doubled Cape Clear in the night
  • The tender immediately sheered off, and the sailors went to the lows
  • About noon Captain Anderson ordered sail to be hoisted, so that the ship
  • He was a thin, nervous little man, with quick, restless eyes: a physiognomist
  • Numerous vessels, brigs and schooners, were awaiting the tide; steamers
  • After twenty passages from England to America, one of which was marked
  • Of these six masts, supported by shrouds and metallic back-stays, the second