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  • Seen from the side, these wheels looked narrow and contracted
  • She alone, thanks to her perfect indifference to the sea
  • The first officer, well wrapped in his macintosh, and perched on the bridge
  • Before entering upon the last undertaking, the Board of Trade required
  • In order to modify it, he has only to press his hand lightly on a small
  • One would have taken her for a small island, hardly discernible in the
  • This steam-ship is indeed a masterpiece of naval construction; more than
  • The group of passengers dispersed, some to the saloons, others to their cabins
  • At Princes Landing-Stage, a small tug in the service of the Great Eastern
  • I will venture to say he was there more out of curiosity than anything
  • On Wednesday night the weather was very bad, my balance was strangely
  • The atmosphere was grey, and birds flew screeching through the damp mists
  • For the benefit of those partial to comparisons, I will add that it is
  • The water from the skies and sea mingled in a dense fog
  • These well-regulated signals are given by means of a bell