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  • In order to raise the anchors it was only necessary to send the steam from
  • The muddy waters of the Mersey were lashed into foam by the slowly revolving
  • When the first attempt to lay the Atlantic cable had failed
  • Near me stood a traveller, who frequently shrugged his shoulders impatiently
  • At two oclock the fog grew dense again, the wind fell and rose at the same
  • As the clock in Victoria Tower struck seven, the tender left her moorings
  • From the deck rise six masts and five chimneys
  • Would not the good Yorrick have done the same? I looked at Dean Pitferge;
  • Beside the Great Eastern, these three-mast ships looked like barges; their
  • It was an inconvenient position for the wheels, for the paddles not being
  • However, the steamer had not yet sunk to the load water-line
  • During Monday night the sea was very stormy
  • The announcement of the conference was received very favourably by the
  • I, following the general example, staked my dollar, and fate allotted me
  • A profound silence reigned among the congregation; the officers occupied