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  • I pictured to myself this enormous bulk borne on the waves
  • Chance had brought all three together on the same ship
  • When the first attempt to lay the Atlantic cable had failed
  • Seen from the side, these wheels looked narrow and contracted
  • From the deck rise six masts and five chimneys
  • She is capable of receiving 10,000 passengers, so that out of the 373 principal
  • The slate-coloured sea broke in great foamless billows
  • I was willing to content myself with this reason, and in the meantime observed
  • When a ship arrives at the land-falls every one knows that a pilot comes
  • It was an inconvenient position for the wheels, for the paddles not being
  • Whist was impossible, for the tables glided from under the players hands
  • I thought I recognized in him a friend whom I had not seen for several